Donations are the ingredients that propel our nonprofit growth – without them, most of our societal courses won’t get started. But before someone commits their hard-earned money to your nonprofit project, they consider a lot of reasons, ranging from the particular field to your track record in helping society.

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Even if donors are eager to give you their money, there are many things on your website’s donation page that could turn them away. As a nonprofit, your goal should be to know these simple but important ingredients so you can optimize your donation page to fundraise more.  We come your way with 5 of these ingredients that make a donation page enticing for donors.

Make your donation page mobile-friendly

It’s known to everyone that mobile phones are everywhere today. But as a nonprofit, you have to also know that most of your donors would be donating through their mobile phones – and this is not just because most of them are millennials, it’s also because being able to donate to the course of your choice through simple mobile apps or websites it’s easy and convenient for everyone. You can run your current site on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test platform to confirm if your website is nicely viewable on mobile or not.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your donation page so that it works well on mobile. Among some of the things to do include:

  • Faster mobile websites – make sure your donation page loads faster on mobile by removing unnecessary imagery.
  • Champion minimalism – always make sure your website’s mobile interface is simple and straight forward. Donors shouldn’t suffer trying to find out how to donate.
  • A few or no links – don’t put too many external links on your donation page. In fact, try to avoid even links that lead to your own nonprofit page. People having to click and follow links to different places and need to come back to the homepage to donate is tiring and may send most of your donors away.

Provide more donations options – the more the better

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People love options– so then they can choose which one suits them best. This is no different for your donation page. Also, different donors have different methods of donating, so you can’t paint all of their scenarios with one brush. When designing your nonprofit donation page, this is how to provide more options:

  • Payment options – the most important thing on your donation page is your payment options, and you should provide as many of them as possible. Anyone should be able to donate by using payment options such as credit cards or banks, and online payment options such as PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo.
  • What to donate – sometimes, we might look at donations to be all about money. But there are people who would like to contribute in kind. When designing your donation page, optimize it in a way that there are options besides giving money, such as donating a mobile phone, a laptop, a printer, or even volunteering their skills. You’ll be surprised how many people out there are willing to give any of these towards your course.

Make the donation process short and simple

Simplicity easily wins when designing your donor page. When designing your donor page, make sure it’s simple to use and doesn’t have long processes. There’s no way someone is willing to suffer just to give you their money. Here’s how to simplify your donation page:

  • Simple navigation – ensure that your donation page is navigable in a simple manner. The most important things should be visible and donors shouldn’t have to go through too many navigations and clicks before they reach the final destination.
  • Fewer approvals – since most of our donations as to deal with money, we sometimes want to get everything right by sending approvals – which are sometimes bad. And donors don’t have time for this. So make sure that once payment is made, donors can get a simple message that confirms their commitment, and probably a proof to their email. You shouldn’t bombard them with emails either.

Optimize your donation page copy – simple, engaging.

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Copy is an important element of your donation page. It helps donors identify your courses, what you’re going to use the donations for, and how their help is important to you and for them. Without good copy, you will get less out of your donation campaigns. Here are ways to optimize your donation pages:

  • The simplicity of copy – don’t bombard your donors with too much copy. Just stick to the most important ones.
  • Make sure you include the purpose of this donation, as well as an outlook into why you’re pursuing this course and why the world needs it.
  • Add FAQs if possible, to answer the most important questions that you think users would need. FAQs also help keep your page clean.

What next for your donation page?

It’s time to use the tips given to create your own donation page and start financing your nonprofit courses. Also make sure that these tips are used based on how your nonprofit operates and you will be designing excellent donation pages loved by your supporters.