5 common design mistakes to be aware of

Nonprofits are busy changing the world and running their programs, that they often overlook some common components of a high-performing website. Website design and technology is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s more important now than ever to stay informed on what makes a website successful. Here are some common mistakes that we’ve encountered over […]

Microsoft Office365 Teams

A year ago, Microsoft launched Teams as a new member of the Office365 family as a new chat-based workspace, allowing your team members to chat, share files, create rooms/channels and collaborate all in one space. The look, feel and flow are very similar to Slack (I believe it’s a good thing since Microsoft were notorious […]

UPS US Spam/malware email

Be careful – A UPS US Spam/malware email: This morning we got an email from “UPS US” with a tracking number and links to get the “invoice” and to track the parcel. As usual, we questioned the legitimacy of the email, not only because we are not expecting anything from UPS but we are usually […]

Amazon smile tripling the donation

Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible smile.amazon.com purchase from March 12 – 31

Washington Heights CORNER Project

In support of a targeted branding and engagement campaign, IndieTech Solutions was recently commissioned by the Washington Heights CORNER Project to revamp the organization’s public website and online resource center. The mission of New York City-based CORNER Project is to improve the quality of life of people who use drugs or engage in sex work, […]

Google Ad Grants

#TechForNonprofits Non-profits can get up to $10,000/mo. in free online advertisings: Google Grants invite non-profits to use the power of online advertising to further their cause and to further their mission. If you are not familiar with the program, It’s called Google Ad Grants (formally known as Google Grants) is a $10,000 monthly grant given […]

Gmail – Using aliases

#TechForNonprofits By Adding Aliases to your email address you can save money and sort out emails easily. An alias is just another address you can add to your main email address, where people can email you. so let’s say your email address is firstname-lastname@yourorganization.org and you would like to add the address: info@yourroganization.org To achieve […]

G-suite – Mobile Management tool

If your organization is using G-suite and you are not using the Mobile Management tool, you are ignoring a very useful feature. Mobile management or Device management is a feature available at no extra charge since it’s a part of G Suite and it allows you to manage your mobile devices from a central dashboard […]


#TechForNonprofits Are you looking for an app or a service to let you easily customize a map and color in the states you want to highlight? Try https://mapchart.net/ they offer a web app that will let you pick a map and color it based on a state, county or a congressional district. You can also download the […]