Volunteer Management Tools

As nonprofits, we’ve got a lot on the table. From planning and meeting stakeholders to writing reports, there’s a lot of work. The workload makes it difficult to complete tasks on time.

Fortunately, some of us turn to volunteers to solve this problem. And in this digital era, there’s never a shortage of people willing to volunteer their time and resources to help.

But the problem is, there’s always the trouble of managing these volunteers. Because without proper management, nonprofits may reap nothing from volunteers.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools out there to help nonprofits manage their volunteers. But we should know that not all volunteer management tools are equal.  We’ve combed the web to bring you some of the most trusted tools to get your nonprofit started.

Volunteer management tools:

  • Roster Volunteers
  • iVolunteer
  • Signup Zone
  • Track It Forward
  • Sons of Service (SOS)
  • Your Volunteers
  • Volgistics
  • Volunteer Mark

Ready? Let’s get started.

Roster Volunteers

RosterVolunteers is a free scheduling platform for nonprofits to manage volunteers. It has a simple to use interface, easy logins, and simple task management features.

Volunteers are able to view the tasks available and which tasks they can take or help complete.  The platform also uses its smart algorithms to sample volunteers into categories. This helps nonprofits identify which volunteers are occupied and how to help distribute tasks.


if you run a nonprofit that requires lots of events and meetings, iVolunteer may be a great option. It has reusable, customized templates that help nonprofits manage event volunteers.

Noprofits get access to their own iVolunteer page with customizable emails and reports. The dashboard also includes volunteer participation, tasks completed, and work in progress.

iVolunteer has both free and paid plans. The free plan offers nonprofits access to one administrator and up to 15 volunteers. The paid version comes with two plans – standard and premium plans.

With the standard plan, nonprofits can manage up to 50 volunteers for $20 a month. The premium plan comes with 500 volunteers for $175 for six months. Nonprofits can take payments in their dashboard with both standard and premium versions. There are also many customizations in the paid plans for nonprofits.

SignUp Zone

SignupZone is a simple to use platform for nonprofits to onboard volunteers for events. It has different features for different levels of events. This allows nonprofits to plan depending on the size of an event.

Signup Zone is used not just by nonprofits, but also by schools and music event planners. On the organization side, supervisors and administrators can create signup forms, accept and receive volunteers, assign tasks, and monitor events. There’s a lot for volunteers as well, including the ability to apply for available spots, show their availability and the type of work they can do.

Beyond the free features, nonprofits who want to add a custom URL will have to pay a one-time fee of $10 and for those who need an overview page or dashboard, there’s an additional fee of $10 per year.

Track It Forward

TrackItForward is one of the best tools for nonprofits to track volunteers’ time spent on the field. One great thing about this feature is that it’s built to make volunteers track their own time – self-accountability. But also, supervisors have features to help monitor volunteers on the field.

The free plan comes with basic tracking features and takes up to 25 volunteers. Paid plans include Basic, Premium, and Advanced tracking with a nonprofit’s ability to onboard up to 100 volunteers for Basic and Premium plans and 200 volunteers for the Advanced plan. Plans start at $12 a month for the basic and $24 a month for Premium with a customizable Advanced plan.

Track It Forward has integration and widget features for nonprofits to embed on their sites, advanced verification features, a mobile app, and reports.

Sons of Service

Sons of Service (SOS) is one of the best free volunteer management tools out there. As an open-source software program, nonprofits can adapt it to their liking. There is no limit to the number of administrators and volunteers one can onboard. It has a database that keeps volunteers’ tasks, time spent, and contact information.

One downside might be that Sons of Service hasn’t been upgraded since 2011 and may not have some features for a nonprofit looking for modern tracking and management features. Nevertheless, it’s possible to modify it for your work as a nonprofit with a good software developer.

Your Volunteers

YourVolunteers is a cloud-based volunteer management tool for nonprofits looking to manage volunteers. It helps nonprofits track volunteers’ working time, manage workflow, and schedule tasks.

Its free plan includes unlimited volunteer focus and access to a clean database. One downside to the free plan is that it displays ads, which slows productivity.

The paid plan has all the features of the free plan and advanced features. Paid plans offer nonprofits the ability to schedule emails and filter volunteer list. The Premium plan starts at $20 a month and comes in handy for nonprofits that can afford this.


Vogistics is a great volunteer management tool for nonprofits looking to track volunteers.  Notable features include free support, customizable reports, and a webpage for volunteers. It also has scheduling reminders that are automated to help save time.

There’s no free plan, but there’s a free 30-day trial for nonprofits who want to test-drive the platform. Paidunlimited plans start at $17 a month for 50 volunteers and goes up to about $4,000 a month for 10,000 volunteers. If your nonprofit has the budget, Volgistics is a great tool worth the bill.

Volunteer Mark

VolunteerMark is good for nonprofits looking for a volunteer management tool to simplify tasks and track time. Features include text and email communication and an online donations portal. Ther’s also a dashboard for volunteers and an analytics page to keep track of progress.

The free plan comes with a single administrator, up to 50 volunteers, and 3 events a month. Paid plans start at $34 per month for the Basic plan, $75 a month for the Essential plan, and $125 a month for the Royale plan.

VolunteerMark is ideal for arts and museums, libraries, animal shelters, and faith-based organizations. If you’re looking for a comprehensive volunteer management tool, this is ideal if you have the budget.

What next for your volunteer management tool?

These volunteer management tools are only there to help us simplify the management process. As a nonprofit, you shouldn’t forget the human touch when it comes to people – and as volunteers working for you to help create an impact, there’s never a better time than now to show that human part of your organization. Essentially, don’t rely on the tools too much that you forget your volunteers.