Be careful – A UPS US Spam/malware email:

This morning we got an email from “UPS US” with a tracking number and links to get the “invoice” and to track the parcel.

As usual, we questioned the legitimacy of the email, not only because we are not expecting anything from UPS but we are usually suspicious when we receive similar emails (and you should do the same).

After digging a little bit we found out that the whole thing is a scam and it’s kind of a spam/malware that the sender trying to get you click on the links.

We created a small screenshot with some instructions to show how you can identify spam emails yourself:

  • Verify the sender email
  • Do not click on links directly, just hover over to see where they lead
  • NEVER trust the display name (It says UPS US here)
  • Once you are sure it’s spam, just mark it as a spam using your email service

spam email