Where to find the logo on your nonprofit website. How do you get to the contact or resource page of the website? Where are the scroll bars and menus located? Before anyone visits your nonprofit website, they already have an idea of what to expect and the design standards they want to see.

nonprofit website design standards

That is why it’s extremely important that before we build a nonprofit website, there are certain design standards that we should adhere to. We do this to meet the basic expectations of your website visitors.

Simple, smooth, and intuitive navigation

94% of consumers say any good website should have easy navigation. Website navigation helps visitors move from one page to another, from one resource to another, and from one content piece to another. These are some of the navigation standards worth following:

Top menu navigation: this is a popular navigation choice for many websites. When people visit your website, they expect to find the main menu at the top of your website. It doesn’t have to be the same as every other website – it could be in the form of a drop-down menu, but it should be placed at a point that is easily noticeable, that’s at the top.

Visual direction

Visuals are an important component of any website, and according to psychology, contribute to people’s emotional expressions. Visual direction involves being able to use your website’s visuals to drive visitors towards certain actions. For better visual direction, make sure you use a good combination of colors, diagrams, and photos to achieve your aim.

Visual pleasing and consistency

As much as we all know that “Not all that glitters is gold”, consumers easily make the decision to stay or leave your website using its visual aesthetics. So, when building nonprofit websites at IndieTech Solutions, we put extra care into the visual part of the website – but we don’t overuse visuals as this could also hurt user experience.

Make use of colors, diagrams, photos, and fonts to create visually appealing websites. We also take into consideration the mobile-friendliness of your nonprofit website.


Building a nonprofit website requires a lot of standards to adhere to. At IndieTech Solutions, we make sure that the basic principles that we need to build an intuitive, visually appealing, visually consistent, and simple navigation are strictly followed.