By Adding Aliases to your email address you can save money and sort out emails easily.

An alias is just another address you can add to your main email address, where people can email you. so let’s say your email address is [email protected] and you would like to add the address: [email protected]

To achieve that, you can add a new user + email address and that will work but you will end up with:

  • Paying an extra $5 for the new user. (If your organization is not using G-Suite for nonprofits, which you should)
  • Will have a separate account with a separate inbox so you will need to log in to that account separately.

To avoid that, you can add an alias to your existing email address instead. the advantages are:

  • Aliases are free to add, Google suites allows you to add up to 10 aliases per user
  • All of the emails sent to [email protected] will come to your email inbox [email protected] and when sending out emails you can always choose which address to use.

Last thing to mention: If you need a separate inbox then you shouldn’t use aliases and should create a new user instead.

Managing aliases in Google Suite could be found under (Admin console -> Users -> account)