At a time that everyone is working from their homes, it is imperative to search for and use the best remote work tools for nonprofits to get the work done. However, not all tools are the same. Here, we bring you the best tools, from communication to collaboration, to help your nonprofits and its employees work together seamlessly.

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Project Management and collaboration tools for nonprofits

Working together and producing the best results has never been easy be it in a physical space or online. That’s why these remote work tools are there to help you collaborate and produce results even when all your nonprofit employees are spread around the world. Here are remote work tools for your nonprofits in the field of productivity and collaboration.


As one a tool, Trello allows you manage projects, from their conception to completion. You can create projects, schedule completion dates, assign these projects to your remote team members or volunteers, and track the entire lifecycle of every project you make. It’s easily one of the best remote work tools for nonprofits out there.


InVision is a collaboration tool that helps designers stay in sync. If you have a design team in your workforce that’s working from home now, then InVision is one of the best remote work tools for nonprofits to get you started. It helps keep your remote team synced on their design process.


Asana is a great project management tool that allows you plan your projects, assign to employees, work together on projects, and create timelines. It allows you to monitor your team’s progress across different projects and streamline your entire work process with your team.


Another great collaboration tool, especially for your work from home software or web development team is GitHub. Right from managing code projects and hosting to reviewing codes and launching digital products, GitHub has what it takes to keep your remote development team running during the work from home craze.


If you’re a nonprofit that constantly works with data and need something beyond a spreadsheet to not only keep your large sets of data, but to collaboratively work together, then Airtable is the best option. Keep complex and simple databases, share with your team, and work together on datasets seamlessly.

Other great project management and collaboration tools for your nonprofit remote team

  • Zapier – a great workflow automation tool for teams and businesses
  • Process Street – a process management software to track all the procedures and checklists of your team in real-time.
  • ProofHub – All the tools your team needs put under one roof.

Productivity tools for your remote team

Any nonprofit would love to see their teams working hard and producing results no matter where these employees or volunteers are located. Thankfully, these productivity tools will help you track employee tasks and do more.


Working online all the time has a lot of distractions – from employees checking social media to personal email messages. StayFocused is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to block time-wasting and irrelevant websites when you’re working. It’s a great platform to keep you focused on work.


It’s not easy working with people from different time zones. With Spacetime, you can visualize your team’s time through blocks, know the exact time of your team members to determine when to reach out to someone and when not to. It’s a great remote work tool for nonprofits to keep their teams truly asynchronous.


Working effectively, having meetings, and collaborating on projects require that remote teams are given the opportunity to choose when and how they want to join a project. With Calendly, you can schedule time with your volunteers and employees so that they can choose when to be available. It’s a great time scheduling tool to keep remote teams on the same page all the time.


If you want to know the projects your remote employees and volunteers are working on, the amount of time they spend on each tasks, and the overall productivity, then Toggl is the right tool. It’s a time management application that helps you measure productivity of your remote team.

Other productivity tools for remote nonprofit team

  • DeskTime – time tracking and productivity management tool for your nonprofit remote team.
  • RescueTime – a tool that tracks the time you spend on different platforms and helps you gauge your most productive moments and more.
  • Boomerang – a Google Chrome extension that allows you to schedule emails to send and postpone incoming emails to a certain time when you’re free.

Tools for your nonprofit remote team: Communication

Communication is tool to getting things done in your nonprofit. And it’s even more important as your team works from home. These are some of the best remote work tools for your nonprofit to communicate and work together well.


Slack is a great way to keep your team talking and working together no matter their location. It’s a simple chat tools that also offers video and audio calls, as well as integrates with many other tools such as Google Calendars, Jira, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, like Slack, is also a team chat app and one of the most popular remote work tools for nonprofit to get working and talking together. Microsoft Teams has a chat platform, a video and audio calling feature, integration with many other apps, and more.

Google Meet

This is a video-only application from Google that allows your nonprofit workers and volunteers to make video calls, hold webinars, and do online conferences.


The most popular tool for video calling, online presentations, and screen sharing is Zoom. It’s not just used by big companies, but also used by schools and many nonprofits to undertake online videos and conferences.

Other great communication tools for your nonprofit remote team

  • Chanty – an AI-powered chat platform for your remote team
  • Flock – team chat and video calling application for teams working remotely.
  • Skype – video calling, online conferences, team chat, and more.

Document sharing and collaboration tools

As we all work from home, sharing, managing, and collaborating on documents among team members is a difficult task. Thanks to these document sharing and management platforms, your nonprofit would be better positioned to work from home and achieve maximum productivity.

Google Drive

For many nonprofits, Google Drive is the ideal platform to manage file sharing and storage for employees and volunteers. Since most nonprofits already use Google’s suite of tools, it’s easy to get setup and started.


DropBox is one of the best remote work tools for nonprofits looking for a platform to store, manage, and share their content with and among different groups, including employees, donors, and volunteers. It’s a great platform to check out, especially as you work from home.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you happen to be using Microsoft Teams for your communication needs, then Microsoft Drive would be a good option for your nonprofit. Apart from giving you all the storage and document management tools you need, you also get to sync it with your Microsoft Teams communication, as well as with other third-party schools.

Brainstorming and idea generation tools

As a team working from home, there’s no moving to the next desk to ask a co-worker what they think about an idea. Or moving to your supervisor’s office to ask them to review your new ideas. However, you still need a way to share ideas and deliberate on the early stages of any project coming up. These great idea generation and brainstorming tools will help your nonprofit do just that.


Coggle is a collaborative brainstorming and mind mapping tool that your nonprofit remote teams can use to generate ideas and invite others to comment and review through visual diagrams. There are hundreds of mind maps generated by others in Coggle so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by finding and designing your own mind maps.


This is one of the best remote work tools for your nonprofit teams to generate ideas and get other team members to review and comment. Other team members can make comments or add their own ideas by using virtual stickers – a great way to start and work on great ideas as a virtual team.

Other brainstorming and idea generation tools

  • Realtime Board – an online whiteboard for visual brainstorming for remote teams.
  • – a great tool for individuals to conceptualize and develop ideas from scratch.
  • Freeplane – a knowledge management and mind mapping platform for generating and structuring ideas online.

Final take on tools for your nonprofit remote team

If you’re a nonprofit working from home, this is the time to find the right tools for all the tasks you perform. The tools mentioned above are some of the best remote work tools for nonprofits, but are also built for anyone wanting to manage a successful remote team. Use them wisely and you will achieve the same or more productivity compared to working in the office together.