If you missed part one, you can check it out here: How to set up your Google Tag Manager account?

The first tag we are going to add is a Google Analytics tag that we need to trigger every time someone visits our website. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, you can check our webinar here.

Steps to create the first tag: Google Analytics tag to track every time someone visits our website, then sends the info to Google Analytics

  1. Select Tags on the left menu the click on New
  2. We need to connect our Google Analytics account with GTM , in order to that we’ll need to grab the unique GA Tracking ID  from your GA account
  3. Next, we need to add a trigger for our tag to fire, in our case we want to trigger this when someone visits our website and open any page.
  4. Save, and we’re ready to test/preview the tag before deploying it.
  5. We can test that trigger has been fired and everything is ready for deployment.
  6. If the test works, we are ready to deploy/publish our GTM code by clicking Submit, then Push.

That’s it! Next, let’s see some real-world examples: How to track PDF downloads using Google Tag Manager