Finding nonprofit remote jobs is not an easy endeavor. There are a lot of websites out there – but some of them are scams to dupe people looking for nonprofit jobs. To help you in your job search, we’ve gathered some of the best websites where you can find quality and authentic nonprofit jobs. Enjoy.


Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Sweden, Impactpool is a career platform that helps people find jobs and pursue careers in the social change and mission-driven institutions. Impactpool is one of the best job platform for finding physically-located and remote nonprofit jobs from around the world. From the United Nation’s agencies jobs to jobs coming from small nonprofits, the job board features a variety of job for anyone looking to enter the nonprofit career path. Impactpool also has nonprofit career coaching resources to help you build your career.

Nonprofit Remote

As the name suggest, Nonprofit Remote is a job board that features tech related and many other jobs from nonprofits around the world. You can go through the site and apply for many jobs as a candidate, and if you’re a nonprofit looking to hire remote talent, you can also post your job. Nonprofit Remote also has a Facebook community where discussions on remote work in the nonprofit world happen.

The Nonprofit Jobs Center

The Nonprofit Jobs Center is run by the Bridgespan Group. The platform features full-time and part-time jobs, with current openings of about 175 jobs. One different thing about this platform is that its job board is focused on leadership careers, and also has tools and publications for professionals interested in nonprofit leadership. While it features mostly physically-located jobs, you can also find a few remote nonprofit jobs.

Philanthropy News Digest Job Board

Philanthropy News Digest is a digital publication that features news, features, and opinion pieces from nonprofits, foundations, and social change professionals. Its job board features a wide rang of physically-located jobs, but can also feature remote nonprofit jobs from time to time. Nonprofits can post up to 10 jobs for free, anything above that attracts a fee. It’s  a great platform if you’re looking for nonprofits jobs online.

Work For Good

One of the best and extensive jobs platform where you can find remote jobs in the nonprofit field is Work For Good. There are a lot of jobs and with many filters and search opportunities based on keywords, finding a nonprofit job won’t take a lot of your time.

80,000 Hours Job Board

80,000 Hours is a research and consulting organization that helps people work and build careers in social change sectors. It’s job board features thousands of jobs from nonprofits around the world and some of them are jobs that allow you to work remotely. Nonprofits can also post their jobs if they need a remote worker. Featuring jobs from the Rockefeller Foundation to National Security Committees, the 80,000 Hours Job Board is a great place to search for remote nonprofit jobs.

Global Jobs

Global Jobs is one of the largest remote nonprofit jobs platform out there, featuring jobs from all fields, from all continents, and with many filters to make job search simpler. While it has a lot of location-based jobs, you can also find remote jobs.

The TBD Community Jobs Board

The TBD jobs board is large, featuring jobs primarily from Europe, as well as some from around the world. There are a lot of location-based jobs on this platform, but it also has a lot of remote jobs, especially those relating to technology, web development, and digital projects management. It’s a great place to search for a remote job in nonprofits and a good place for nonprofits looking to hire remote talent to post their jobs.

Other great websites to search for remote nonprofit jobs

  • Idealist – a general job platform but with jobs for people looking to work remotely for nonprofits
  • FlexJobs – this is also a job board for general remote jobs, but there are great ones posted by nonprofits if you’re looking to work on social impact projects remotely.
  • Indeed – a general job board with nonprofit job filters for people looking to work remotely for nonprofits.
  • Virtual Vocations – a remote and telecommute job platform where nonprofit professionals can find remote jobs.
  • Nonprofit Remote Jobs – a Facebook group featuring remote nonprofit jobs.
  • Remotive – a remote-only job platform that features nonprofit jobs from time to time.

What next for finding your remote nonprofit jobs?

While the Covid19 pandemic marked the beginning of the largest experiment in remote work, it looks like a lot of organizations will remain remote even after the pandemic dies down. This means that a lot of these social impact organizations will be needing remote talent. And this is exactly the time to start your search if you want to work remotely in the nonprofit sector.