Nonprofits do a lot of work around the world – promoting social courses, building communities, and championing equality and inclusive societies among others. In order to keep working on their projects and get help from society, these nonprofits need a way to highlight their work. This is where their websites come in.

In the digital age, websites have helped nonprofits do a lot, including highlighting their work, recruit and work with volunteers around the world without having to meet physically, receive donations, and partner with corporate institutions. But not every website is the same and the nonprofits that couldn’t build the best of websites miss out a lot. This is the time to change your digital strategy if you’re a nonprofit looking to leverage the digital age.

In this guide, we take you through some of the best nonprofit website designs. As an organization, you can take a lot of inspiration from these websites to build yours.

  1. International Wildlife Coexistence Network (IWCN)
  2. New American Leaders (NAL)
  3. Amnesty International USA
  4. Casa In Action (Nominated for a design award for its spectacular design in 2020)
  5. Acumen
  6. FIRM/FIRM Action Vision
  7. Charity: Water
  8. Children International
  9. Ford Foundation
  10. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The International Wildlife Coexistence Network (IWCN)

The International Wildlife Coexistence Network “provides expert interdisciplinary assistance, training, collaboration, and shared research to enable communities around the globe to coexist with wildlife.”

International Wildlife Coexistence Network

From Lion guardians in Kenya and Bangalow Koalas in Australia to Wood River Wolf in Idaho, USA, the IWCN has a myriad of projects that seeks to leverage all available resources to take care of wildlife from extinction.

In order to highlight their work around the world, the IWCN has built a highly responsive, wildlife-themed, and professionally accessible website for all visitors. Not only does the website highlights their projects and team in spectacular ways, but the entire design, from the color choices to site navigation, also makes their website a great inspiration for any nonprofit organization. If you’re into wildlife, forestry, or any other nonprofit that has to do with preventing animals from going extinct, this website is a great inspiration.

The IWCN was designed and built by the team at IndieTech Solutions


New American Leaders (NAL)

Making sure that everyone is included in decision-making in a country is not an easy task, and the New American Leaders nonprofit is taking on this challenge. NAL is “ leading a movement fighting for inclusive democracy by equipping immigrants, refugees, and their allies with the tools they need to realize their potential by running for and holding elected office; as well as engaging in civic action that brings their voices to the forefront of American politics.”

New American Leaders (NAL)

Their website is excellently designed to exhibit what they do. Apart from the great designs, excellent selection of colors and superb use of themes throughout, the website also shows the value of inclusivity in society. From encouraging immigrants and refugees to participating in the leadership race to helping them get representation and make proper decisions, every part of their website screams inclusivity, diversity, and equality. The amazing NAL website was built by this nonprofit web development agency.


Amnesty International USA

If you’re in the nonprofit space, chances are you’ve heard of Amnesty International for its work in fighting injustice around the world. Amnesty International USA is the organization’s United State division charged with the responsibility of helping Americans fight injustice.

Doing this, they need to communicate their projects and how they help citizens, and this is excellently exhibited on their website. Whether it’s about helping individuals at risks, helping fight gender and sexual identity issues, or protecting human rights, the web development agency that developed this website made sure that the selection of colors and the flow of information on their website says it all.


Casa In Action

NB: (Nominated for a design award)

Casa In Action is all about making sure that everybody in America gets to cast their vote and take part in the decision that will select the best people to rule the country.

Casa In Action

Through their website design, selection of colors, and a great theme, Casa In Action is not just helping immigrants make the right decisions and become decision-makers, it also helps educate voters about every section of the economy, from education to healthcare – so they can make informed decisions.

Casa In Action’s website design stands out so well that it got nominated for the Website of the Day award by AWWWARDS in 2020. If you’re looking for inspiration to design your nonprofit website, you’ll like Casa In Actions website.

Casa In Action was designed and developed by the team at IndieTech Solutions.



Acumen is fighting poverty in an innovative way. According to Acumen, aid and or donations isn’t enough to fight poverty, and so the organization is using the power of entrepreneurship to get food to the poorest regions of the world.

Their website communicates what they do, how you can help, and how you can become part of their projects – in a simple way.


FIRM/FIRM Action Vision

“The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and its political engagement arm FIRM Action are a national coalition of 44 grassroots organizations from 32 states that fight for the civil and human rights of all immigrants.”

Their website design stands out in many ways – it’s simple, communicates what they do and their entire vision, and gets the visitor to understand the organization without moving from one page to another.


Charity: Water

Charity: Water is able to communicate its work through its website design with great videos and imagery. They’re able to highlight their projects and the people they reach on their homepage. Their call to action is also part of the things you’ll first see when you visit their website. In all, they’ve prioritized what’s important for them on their homepage while giving visitors to chance to read more.

Charity: Water


Children International

Children International is able to use their design to communicate how they help children around the world fight hunger and how you can participate as an individual or institution. The website is simple but showcases elegance with convincing imagery and an on-point call to action.


Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation, through its great website design, is able to at a glance highlight what they’re about, the projects they run, the people, groups, and cities they help, and more.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a nonprofit “fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world.”


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