Podcasts are everywhere. They are free, provide diverse information, and allow anyone to listen while on the go or even at work. Nonprofit podcasts offer a lot, from educating and informing individuals and organizations about funding and volunteer activities to managing and running successful nonprofits. They help many nonprofits, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists, as well as volunteers, to understand and follow trends in the industry.

In this lockdown, nonprofit managers, volunteers, and employees can sometimes feel the boredom of working from home. To keep you company, here is a list of great nonprofit podcasts to listen to.

The Business of Giving

The Business of Giving is one of the best nonprofit podcasts and it’s hosted by radio show host and speaker Denver Frederick. Each week, Denver brings corporate leaders and CEOs in the nonprofit industry, as well as philanthropists to learn more about what they’re working on in the nonprofit world and more.
Listen to one of the great episodes.

Inside Social Innovation

This podcast is hosted by Eric Nee, editor in chief of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). As one of the best nonprofit podcasts and produced by the SSIR, the Inside Social Innovation podcast takes you through different topics in the nonprofit sector, from storytelling, social change, and scaling to nonprofit mergers, risks, government collaboration, and data among others.

Listen to this latest episode on storytelling and social change

The Small Nonprofit

As the name shows, the Small Nonprofit podcast is geared towards small organizations changing the world.  The podcast, produced by Charity Village and The Good Partnership provides simple, practical tips and guides on how these small nonprofits can up their game, stay relevant, get funding, and affect change in society.

Nonprofit Optimist

The Nonprofit Optimist focuses on encouraging the development of small nonprofits by sharing lessons from those who have been there. It also helps increase awareness of doing good and serves as a platform where successful nonprofits showcase their stories and struggle to the top.

The Nonprofit Optimist podcast is hosted by Molly MacCready. Molly currently works as the Executive Director of CROSO, a nonprofit she founded in 2007 that provides post-secondary school scholarships to former street children in Uganda.

Fundraising Fundamentals

If there is one major problem facing nonprofits, it’s arguably how to fundraise for their numerous projects. This is one of the great nonprofit podcasts that is focused on helping nonprofits up their fundraising game. From building fundraising teams to employing multichannel fundraising strategies, there’s a lot to learn from this podcast as a nonprofit.

Successful Nonprofits

This is a great podcast that features nonprofit managers and thought leaders. It gives listeners insights into volunteerism, funding, social initiatives, recruitment in the nonprofit industry, and more.

Big Vision

The Big Vision podcast is hosted by Britt Bravo, a Big Vision coach who has worked in personal growth, social change, and communications for almost 30 years. The podcast has been running for over 6 years, and brings together nonprofit managers, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropist to discuss and learn about nonprofits. Topics range from social media and nonprofit leadership to social networking for change and women-led social change among others.

The Fundraising Talent

The name of this podcast will tell you its focus – yes, it’s a podcast that brings together nonprofit professionals to discuss the pertinent issues facing fundraising for social change and the successes achieved by other nonprofits in this direction. Topics range from headhunting for fundraising talent and fundraising talent turnover to virtual fundraising and more.

The Philanthropy podcast

The Philanthropy podcast “explores the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, and more… find ideas to benefit the institutional advancement efforts of your non-profit, charity, or organization and submit your challenges to be featured in a show. Connect with industry experts for in-depth interviews, hear important topics discussed in-depth, discover the latest in innovative ideas in philanthropy”.


Hubcast is a podcast geared towards nonprofits and produced by Nonprofit Hub. The podcast breaks down data from industry reports, hosts chat with the sector’s top thought leaders and ponder the grand questions of life. No matter the subject, Nonprofit Hub executive director Randy Hawthorne will narrate the way to transforming your organization for good.