Giving back to society is a great way to help others while also making you feel good for being able to contribute something. But not everyone as volunteer opportunities in their locality, and the lack of financial power may prevent you from traveling to different states or countries just to volunteer.

Thankfully, online volunteering and contributing your expertise for societal good remotely is now a thing. A lot of non-profit organizations are looking for experts around the world to share their knowledge and help drive change without these experts moving states or countries.

To help make finding remote or online volunteering opportunities easier, we gathered the best platforms out there for you. Also, if you’re a nonprofit looking to post your remote volunteering opportunities, these platforms are great places to start.

UN Online Volunteering

The United Nations Online Volunteering program or UNV is one of the best and most reliable places to find remote or volunteering opportunities. These opportunities are posted by non-governmental organizations around the world that need talent in many areas, from conducting online research and social media management to designing and developing websites. Most of the volunteer opportunities are posted by United Nation’s partners made up of public institutions, civil society organizations, entities of the United Nation, and even government institutions.

Digital Volunteers by the Smithsonian Institution

As one the biggest education, museum, and research complex globally, the Smithsonian Institution as a lot of volunteers working around the clock, onsite, to keep things moving. But the organization still needs help from talent online. The organization’s Digital Volunteers program is created for people who have the knowledge to help the organization in many ways. As it puts it:

“Digital Volunteers” can now take on important assignments to expand access to the Smithsonian’s massive collections and can participate in a variety of research programs. Some roles require special knowledge or skill, but many do not.” It’s a great place for anyone looking for remote or online volunteering opportunities.

Amnesty Decoders

Amnesty Decoders is a global network of volunteers who contribute towards the larger goal of Amnesty International, a global nonprofit focused on human rights. Amnesty Decoders are a group of online researchers whose main goal is to find and help the organization work on human rights violations around the world. From tracking ow bombs are destroying lives in Syria to online troll patrol volunteers analyzing tweets to find discrimination against women and minorities in India, there’s a lot for volunteers to do online.

“Amnesty Decoders is an innovative platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help our researchers sift through pictures, information, and documents.”

Crisis Counselors

Crisis Counselors are volunteers who help others get out of Crisis. It’s a program from the nonprofit Crisis Text Me. With a sort code, people who are in a crisis text and ten receive timely help from trained crisis counselors who work online. For now, the program works in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, and so only volunteers in these locations are accepted. However, volunteers do all these in the comfort of their homes, from their phones.

Project Gutenberg

If you love reading E-books, chances are you’ve come across an eBook project from Project Gutenberg. The program commenced in 1971 with one single goal: to create the world’s largest library of e-books. Today, Project Gutenberg as over 55,000 books in its library, the success of which is attributed to its network of hardworking volunteers around the world. As a volunteer on this project, you can be asked to transcribe a book into a digital form or even editing other people’s work if your language level is high. This is good for transcribers, writers, and editors who want to volunteer their time for a social change project.

Translators Without Borders (TWB)

TWB is a nonprofit that helps the world translate content through its network of talented and bilingual or trilingual volunteers. Originally founded in 1993 in France as Traducteurs sans Frontières , Translators Without Borders’ goal is to offer language and translation services for social and humanitarian courses and organizations. If you can speak or write more than one language or confidence you’re good at translating, you can volunteer your time to help Translators Without Borders.


Catchafire is different from your usual volunteer platform. It’s like a third party platform, more like a job board, but for volunteers and nonprofits. Catchafire connects nonprofit organizations that need talent wit talented individuals who want to donate their time for a social or development related project. Whether you’re a volunteer looking to donate talent or a nonprofit organization looking to find great talent for your projects, Catchfire is a great marketplace to get started. It’s simple to get started as a volunteer. Just find a project you like, apply, wait for an interview, and if picked, you start working.


E-bird is for a different kind of people: bird watchers or people who know about birds. What e-birds sort to do is to gather the best and latest information of birds from their volunteer watchers around the world. the information collected ere goes to different places, including conservation organizations, nonprofits who are into bird care, and also for scientists. If you’re a bird lover or have knowledge of birds, you can volunteer your knowledge on e-bird. “e-Bird is among the world’s largest biodiversity-related science projects, with more than 100 million bird sightings contributed each year by eBirders around the world.”

All For Good

If you’re looking for an organization to donate some time and talent, then All For Good is a great place to get started. It features a variety of volunteers from home opportunities for volunteers of all kinds. You can also register your organization for applications from volunteers if you’re looking for remote talent.

Volunteer Match

If you’ve ever searched for a volunteer opportunity online, chances are you’ve come across VolunteerMatch. It’s one of the largest online platforms for remote or online volunteering opportunities worldwide, and it as a lot of online volunteer opportunities listed on the platform. However, as a volunteer, you need to do a little research and filter your search to focus on online opportunities.