In support of a targeted branding and engagement campaign, IndieTech Solutions was recently commissioned by the Washington Heights CORNER Project to revamp the organization’s public website and online resource center.

The mission of New York City-based CORNER Project is to improve the quality of life of people who use drugs or engage in sex work, a traditionally-underserved and transient cohort often facing significant trauma and elevated rates of acute and chronic medical, mental and behavioral health problems that have either been undiagnosed, inconsistently treated or not addressed at all.
During the planning and strategy phase, we also learned that a significant portion of the CORNER Project’s identified audiences perceived drug use and sex work as issues wrought with negative stigma that either:
a. did not directly affect them or their immediate community,
b. was only applicable to populations outside of/different than their own, or c. was overwhelmingly scientific and technical.

Now educated on these obstacles, we worked with CORNER Project leadership to build consensus on the primary goals and audiences of the reimagined online home, created a sitemap, analyzed all online analytics, and determined structure as it tied into a new content management system.

As a result of our efforts, the CORNER Project website now hosts curriculum products, learning experiences, outreach materials and other collateral for use by public health agencies, and we significantly increased the amount of data available for volunteers, media, researchers, and others seeking transparent information about the CORNER Project’s organizational philosophy, outcomes, and approach.

IndieTech Solutions designed an informative, accessible, applicable, user-friendly and service-centric website with a new look, streamlined content, and expanded sections for stakeholders, donors and prospective partners to learn how the CORNER Project connects vulnerable New York City residents to the high-quality, coordinated health care and support services they desperately needed.

For this we are proud.

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