There’s a lot of useful information available to nonprofits when it comes to building a website or hiring a nonprofit web development agency.

But the existence of too much information could also cause a problem. Nonprofits can find it difficult to decide which information helps and which doesn’t.

This is also true for nonprofits when they’re trying to hire a web development agency. Just because a web agency has expertise in the things of the web doesn’t mean they’ll understand your needs right away.

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Which is why it’s important to communicate your nonprofit needs properly whenever you hire a web development agency.

But how do you do it?

In this guide, we take you through the proper way of communicating your needs to your nonprofit web development agency.

To what extent do you need my involvement in this project??

Whenever you hire a nonprofit web development agency, one of the most important first steps is to understand your role. Yes, they’re the web development team. But you’re equally important in helping them build you the best web experience.

Which is why it’s vital to understand your role in the project. With this question, your agency will let you know to which extent they need your involvement. The deliverables they need from you to execute. The organizational information that would come in handy from time to time.

Not every detail may be given to the agency at the start. So knowing your level of involvement helps put you on your toes anytime your organization is needed.

Which content management system are you using and why

There are many content management systems: WordPress, Drupal, Hubspot, etc. Your nonprofit web development agency would certainly have their favorite CMS depending on your needs.

But you also should understand why they’re using a particular system. This helps you understand what they’re building and how that would align with your needs.

It also helps them refine their choice to suite your needs in case you don’t like a particular CMS based on the reasons they provide.

How easy or difficult would it be for me to access the site and make changes?

Your nonprofit web development agency is only going to build your website and hand it over. (At IndieTech Solutions though, we work with you throughout, as long as you need us from time to time).

So you would have to ask this question and make sure that the agency makes accessing and updating content from the backend easy and simple.

How do I keep up with hosting, security, domain name expiry, and maintenance once you hand over the final project?

Once your nonprofit web development agency hands over the final work, things don’t end here. You’ll need to battle with website maintenance and hosting renewal.

Asking this question will help your agency prepare all the necessary details. They’ll also understand whether to keep up with maintenance and hosting for you or leave your organization to handle that going forward.

This would usually depend on the type of IT team you have as an organization.

How many revisions would you be willing to do on this project?

Web development agencies hardly get everything in order at the beginning. And it’s normal. So revisions would be needed. But not everyone offers unlimited revisions (sometimes, you’ll have to pay higher if you need unlimited revisions).

This questions helps you understand how your nonprofit web development agency would incorporate your feedback. And how often they’re ready to make revisions to ensure an excellent final product.

Need a web development agency for your nonprofit? Reach out and let’s talk.