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The technology landscape is constantly changing. Successful nonprofits know how to keep up. In politics, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first “radio” president. John F. Kennedy emerged as the first “television” president. Barack Obama broke through as the first “Internet” president. And today, Donald Trump uses social media and his platform as a reality TV star to propel a path to the White House and beyond. Tomorrow we will encounter new forms of technologies, such as virtual reality, that will again change the landscape in ways we can’t yet know. The pace of change is confusing. Including the smart use of technology in your core strategy can help you reach your goals.

Let Indietech partner with you to create a custom plan for technology integration in a way that fits your budget and goals. In addition to strategic planning, we have experts in IT systems, security, web development, cloud hosting solutions, user experience and graphic design. As you consider how you will position your organization for the next year or longer give us a call. We’re honored to show you how to find IT solutions that will help your organization achieve its mission.

IndieTech Solutions is different—we want to be your partner.

Website Design

Web Development

We build web solutions that are customized for each organization, to meet its specific needs.

WordPress Expertise

We provide Full stack custom WordPress development and all things maintenance (Updates, security, optimizations, etc.)

Responsive Website

Every website we design is mobile-friendly insuring that visitors will have a unified experience regardless of what device is utilized.

Social Media Presence

Your organization should use th epower of social media to build a community of supporters .

Graphic Design

Our team of professional graphic designers will help you tell your stories using interactive graphics and illustrations.

Custom Web Design

We can help you implement custom tools and services to your website in order to achieve the specific goals of your organization.

IT for Nonprofits

Strategic planning

We will Help you develop an IT roadmap respecting the organization’s culture, mission, vision and budget.

IT consulting

Each nonprofit organization has unique needs and we provide customized IT consulting services to find the correct fit.

IT Security

Nonprofit organizations handle volumes of sensitive data every day therefore, they need to make IT Security a priority

Cloud Solution

There are a lot of cloud hosting solutions offering multiple services and we will help you select the appropriate ones to meet the needs of your organization.

Google Suite / Office365

Qualified nonprofits can receive Office 365 or Google Suite as a donation or upgrade to advanced features at a significant discount.

IT Budget Management

Managing the IT budget is critical to the survival of your organization and we help you plan that budget advantageously.