A year ago, Microsoft launched Teams as a new member of the Office365 family as a new chat-based workspace, allowing your team members to chat, share files, create rooms/channels and collaborate all in one space.

The look, feel and flow are very similar to Slack (I believe it’s a good thing since Microsoft were notorious for their UI).

If your organization is using Office365 I highly recommend adopting Teams for the following reasons:

  1. It will dramatically take a load off your email server, nonprofits are notorious for using emails as their sacred data mine, so everything goes there, using a chat app like Teams will help with conversations that you don’t need to send/receive by email.
  2. Organize conversations by teams or subjects: You can create channels and invite team members to join and chat, for instance, Comms Team, that way you will have an organized structure for your communications channels.
  3. Integration with other Office365 services: this is a native feature of Teams as it allows you to use other services such as OneDrive, Calendars, etc seamlessly.
  4. You can use Teams in your browser or download the app for Windows, Mac or your mobile devices

If your organization is using Office365, you should consider implementing teams as it is part of the package and you do not need to pay extra for it.

Side notes:

  • If your organization is using Google Suite, the equivalent service is Google Hangout and quite frankly it is not as good as Microsoft Teams or Slack.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite are 100% free for nonprofit organizations, so if your organization is paying for it you will need to apply for the grant and save that money and spend it somewhere else.