We all want to have a fast-loading, visually appealing, and content-rich website, and nonprofits are not an exception. All of the above are needed to craft a good website.

But how you define a “good website” differs from organization to organization and from visitor to visitor. Nevertheless, there are basic principles that every website should have to qualify as a “good” website.

nonprofit website development goals

But before you achieve this for your nonprofit site, you need to define these principles, and that’s where nonprofit website goals come in. Below, we’ll take you through these goals and how to set them up when building and redesigning your organization’s website.

Why you need nonprofit website goals

Like a lot of things in life, goal setting is an important component of a nonprofit website design project. Here’s why it matters:

  • Nonprofit website goals help you define expectations for all the parties involved: your organization, team, and any partnering web development agencies.
  • It helps define the page, content, and visual priorities – helping the design and development team know and understand which features to prioritize.
  • Nonprofit website goals also help define the direction of certain aspects of the site such as navigation and how the design team should use visual effects to direct visitors towards certain pages and actions.

Once you write down the goals you want to achieve for your nonprofit website, you will be on the path to a successful digital presence for your organization. But how do you go about writing nonprofit website goals? Here’s how.

Go over your organizational goals

Remember, your website isn’t separate from your organization. It’s just an extension of your nonprofit in the digital world. As a result, you need to ensure that whatever content, graphics, and resources that your website showcases are linked to your overall organizational goals.

But remember, you may not want to showcase every goal that you have as an organization. To do this well, you need to list all the organizational goals you have. Then review and see which goals can be communicated through your digital presence and which ones you would like to keep to yourself.

Adapting organizational goals to the web

Once you are done writing down organizational goals and identifying which ones you would like to showcase online, it’s now time to translate these goals into the website. These organizational goals will inform the look, feel, and functionality of your nonprofit website and will inform your nonprofit web development agency on how to go about building your web presence.

For example, if your organizational goal is to get more donations in the next 2 to 3 years, then it’s imperative you include a donation page with different donation options on your website and clearly lay out your call to action (or CTA) to subtly (or not) direct visitors there. If your goal is to get more volunteers, then you need a volunteers page with different ways for them to contribute to the organization and similarly use your CTAs to guide your visitor’s experience.

While every website would love to get more visitors, you should make sure that traffic isn’t your main goal when writing down your nonprofit website goals. You should focus on what you want to achieve as an organization, beit more donations, more volunteers, or possibly more corporate partners. Once you figure this out, then you are in a great position to aim for more site traffic in these particular areas – which will make the traffic more meaningful and will be more likely convert your visits to actions.