Information collection is an important part of every nonprofit organization. The issue is, some nonprofits rely on bad or unprofessional means of collecting data, including using personal phone numbers or email addresses.

This is where online forms come into play. Whether it’s gathering recommendations from visitors or gathering information on a particular topic, your website forms will help you get the most out of your visitors, and cheaply too.

The importance of online Forms on your nonprofit website

Online forms can be integrated with other services on your website, including email signups or donor databases to help you streamline your nonprofit’s activities.

  • Online forms are a cheaper source of gathering information compared to other forms of data collection.
  • They give you the power to access all the information you have collected without leaving your dashboard or migrating and importing your data to wherever you want it.
  • Ability to customize these forms to go with your nonprofit’s branding and organizational needs.
  • Get donations from visitors directly without them leaving your website

Now that you understand what online forms are and what they can offer your nonprofit website, let us go into the types of forms your nonprofit can add to its website.

Contact form

As a nonprofit, one of the most important things you need on your website is a contact form. A contact form offers a spam-free way of getting information from your website visitors as compared to calls and emails. A contact form should have these important features:

  • A personal details section – where you ask visitors to enter their names, emails or phone numbers etc.
  • A space for commenting – this is a field where visitors enter the reason why they’re reaching out or contacting your organization.
  • A popup page for the next steps – here, nonprofits can thank visitors for reaching out, and add other extras like things visitors must know, a current event going on, or a donation that they need to be aware of.

Volunteer sign-up forms

As nonprofits, we rely on volunteers all the time to achieve great results. Online signup forms are a great way to get volunteers to signup for your projects directly on your website. A great volunteer signup form comes with:

  • A friendly tone – one that moves volunteers to take action
  • A little set of instructions – that provide next steps and where volunteers should go after filling the form
  • Add extras – including the number of volunteers that have already registered, the number of volunteers your nonprofit needs, and the type of engagement it is, full-time, part-time, online only or offline.

Donation form

Donations are the life blood of every nonprofit. This is where the money you use to run your projects come from. Using online Forms on your nonprofit website, your organization can gather large sums to support your causes. Great donation forms have the following features:

  • Mobile-friendliness – a form that is readable and usable on mobile, just as your website is mobile friendly.
  • Secure – donors hate spam and your nonprofit should ensure that the donate form is spam-free to assure donors that their payment processing is secure.
  • Short and simple – long donations Forms may drive some donors away. Ensure that your donation Form is short and simple.
  • Transparency – let your website visitors know the causes you’re using their donations for, the importance of the cause, and why their help is needed to make a change.

Event registration forms

Whether it’s a conference, a workshop, or a volunteer event, nonprofits hold many gatherings and events throughout the year. Using online forms, your organization can invite visitors to participate or contribute to financing the event or support in any way they can.

Email sign-up forms

As a nonprofit, you may want email subscribers – that you can inform about your causes, latest developments, the events happening at your organization, and of course, your donations. The best way to do this is to have email sign-ups from visitors and using email sign-up forms is the ideal way of getting visitors. For email sign-up forms, make them:

  • Simple – they should only collect a visitor’s email address, and sometimes, their first name.
  • Transparent – let visitors know why you’re collecting their email – is it for just announcements? Will you be sending news updates through that? Or it’s a general email that contains everything you do at your nonprofit? Also let visitors know how often you send out your email – daily, weekly, or monthly.


Online sign-up forms are a great way to get donations, let visitors signup for news updates, get event attendees, allow your website visitors to contact you, and get volunteers for your cause.