How To Migrate Your Nonprofit Website From One CMS To Another CMS Without Losing Data or SEO.

What is CMS Migration?

CMS Migration is the process of transferring content from one website to another.

Some CMSs are not as compatible with each other, so a migration may be necessary. If you want to move your site from one CMS to another, you will need to go through this process.

Why migrate your nonprofit website to a different CMS?

A CMS migration can be done for many reasons. It can be done to upgrade the old system, or it can be done when a company decides to switch the CMS provider. The process of migrating data has some steps that need to be followed in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and there are no errors during the process.

Checklist to do a CMS Migration the right way

  • Do a thorough auditing of your old site
  • Get your support team ready
  • Gather all the logistics you will require to make the migration a success
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for any participant
  • Take care of all security issues
  • Prepare your data for the migration phase
  • Set up your new CMS
  • If possible, make sure you find a tool or someone that can automate the migration process
  • Backup your old data
  • Start the migration process
  • Test your new CMS once the migration is done
  • Now you can do away with your old CMS/website

There are three different types of CMS migrations:

  1. A database migration is an information technology term for the process of transferring data from one database to another, usually when the original database is being replaced by a newer version. The data can be stored on disks, tapes or other storage media, and sent over a network connection or by physical transfer.
  2. An application migration is the process of transferring software applications and all their data from one computer environment to another, such as from an older mainframe or minicomputer to a newer personal computer-based system, while preserving user interface elements and functionality.
  3. A web content migration is the process of moving your website content from one CMS to another. It involves migration your articles, website copy, videos, audios, books, and any other content resources that you will need to make your new CMS complete.