Today, data from your nonprofit’s website is as vital as the one you gather from your communities physically.

But just having your nonprofit’s website data doesn’t solve everything. The data has to be analyzed and presented in a way that brings value to your organization.

That’s where Google Data Studio comes in. (If you’re the video type, we have a full tutorial on Google Data Studio for Nonprofits you can check on YouTube) here: Using Google Studio to Generate Beautiful Analytics Dashboards

But you’ll ask: doesn’t Google Analytics offer the same thing?

Google Data Studio for nonprofits

While Google Analytics give you insights into your nonprofit website, Google Data Studios give you more. This includes even using Google Analytics data and other data sources to create dynamic and meaningful dashboards.

In this piece, we’ll delve deeper into understanding Google Data Studio for nonprofits, building dashboards, and how you can use them for better analytics on your website. But before that, let’s understand a few things.

What are Dashboards?

Dashboards are visual tools or interfaces for managing information. They are used to record, track, analyze, and display the most important metrics and data points for specific information.

Dashboards give you an overall view of what you need to know about a specific business, a department, a marketing campaign, or your website’s data.

They are customizable and can be built for just about anything that has the right input data. Founders can build dashboards that display SaaS metrics. Webmasters can build dashboards to display website visitors and their activities. Marketers build dashboards to show marketing metrics. Etc.

Why do you need a dashboard for your nonprofit website data

  • They give you, at a glance, a visual display of all your charts and data.
  • They allow you to visualize and analyze trends in your market
  • You’re able to generate detailed reports with a few clicks
  • Easy identification of data relationships to make informed decisions

Building Great Dashboards with Google Data Studio for nonprofit

Here, we’ll go through a step-by-step guide on creating dashboards using Google Data Studio.

First step: visit

The next step is to sign in to the studio. The email you sign in with should be the same as the one you use for Google Search Console and Google Analytics you want to create the dashboard for.

After signing in, you’ll be welcome by the homepage as seen below. To start the journey, go ahead and click on the “+” icon with the Blank Report text.

Google data studio for nonprofits

Give your new report a name that you prefer.

Then proceed to select your data source. That’s where you’re getting the data to create a dashboard. Or you can connect to data from Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and many other places as shown below:

Google Data Studio for nonprofits

Once you’re connected to Google Data Analytics and Google Search Console, you’ll proceed to add your data source.


After connecting a data source, connect to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. And authorize their connection.


After this stage, you can go on to add your second data source, add elements such as graphs, charts, tables, and scorecards, etc.

Please follow our recent Webinar on Creating a Google Data Studio for nonprofits.

Create great dashboards using Google Data Studio for nonprofits

If your nonprofit needs help in creating dashboards using Google Data Studio, please reach out. At IndieTech Solutions, we have the expertise to give you excellent data results.