Nonprofit video marketing has become an important part of the content marketing efforts of nonprofits. TikTok. YouTube. Snapchat. Facebook. Etc.  The opportunities that exist for nonprofits in the video marketing space are huge.

In this post, we are outlining the tips and tricks you need as a nonprofit to produce great videos. We would also outline how you can use videos to increase fundraising and drive your brand forward. But before that, let’s get an understanding of video marketing in the nonprofit sector.

video for nonprofits

Understanding the nonprofit video marketing landscape

Video marketing is growing in the nonprofit sector. In their “How The Pandemic Changed Nonprofit Video Forever” report, Tectonic found these stats:

That live streaming is huge in the nonprofit space. According to the report, out of the 100 most engaging video posts on Facebook, 51 were live streams. These were the reasons given for the rise in nonprofit live streaming:

  • Nonprofits have positioned themselves to take on streaming on social media.
  • The pandemic forced many nonprofits to rethink their content marketing. And video became one of the means through which they could reach more people.
  • Nonprofits found that live streaming could be used for different purposes. Fundraising, education, volunteer meetups, conferences, etc.

Beyond live streaming, video creation is increasing. One reason is that there are many options: TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Also, video is increasingly becoming a trustworthy source of information for many.

Wistia’s 2021 State of Video Report shows that the number of video uploads has increased over time.


Tips and tricks to nail video marketing for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit video marketing is huge. There are many platforms to consider. And different types of videos to produce. Thus, you can’t just get up and start producing videos without proper planning. Here’s how to get it right.

Set your goals right

Your first step to a great nonprofit video is to decide on your goals. What do you want to achieve with your videos? These goals could be set around:

  • Educating your communities about certain social issues
  • Making a video advertisement for your corporate partners about your impact around the world
  • You’re educating volunteers on what they need to accomplish
  • Make a video about your organization and build your brand
  • Just looking to make a viral video to increase your reach

Having clear-cut goals before you start helps you select your video settings, wording, and general theme.

Creating your videos

Video creation is a lot of work. For some videos, like those where you just want to show your employees or office, it may not be a big deal. You could do this with a great phone. However, if you want to create a professional video, you need the right gear.

If you have an in-house video expert, then it’s great. Your content team could come up with the plan and scripts. If you don’t have an expert in-house, it’s good to here

Decide the destination of your videos – strategically

Once you’re clear on goals, the next step is to plan where you’ll publish them. There are many platforms to publish your videos. But not every video should be published anywhere. I mean, you can’t create one video and distribute to all channels.

  • It’s usually good to categorize your video creation efforts, especially for nonprofits on a budget.
  • You can make videos that are ideal for say YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Put Snapchat and Instagram in their own categories and make a single video for them. You could tweak each a bit to suit the platform.

Creating videos without a camera

Don’t think: how can I afford video gear or an agency to create my videos? Because today, you can create simple videos without lifting a finger. Thus you don’t need camera gear or your own video team.

These platforms usually come with thousands of video templates. You can pick from different backgrounds, characters, and other resources. Combine them and make a video for your nonprofit. Of course, not every video of your organization could be made through these platforms. However, they could be the starting point for your nonprofit video marketing efforts.

Some of the great platforms on the market for these kinds of videos include:

Canva – a general design tool with features to create videos

Animoto – an online video making tool

Biteable – a video-making tool with lots of stock footage, photos, and animations.

Wave – a video making tool where you can also host your videos

Experiment with different video formats

Long-form videos? Short-form ones? How do you know which type of video works well for your nonprofit efforts? Experimentation is the key. As a nonprofit, you need to experiment with different video formats to understand what your visitors need.

This helps you understand when to create short-form or long-form videos. You also get to understand which kind of videos are good for what. And whether to create educational, advertorial, or tutorial videos.

Conclusion – getting nonprofit video marketing right

Trends don’t stay stagnant. Video marketing won’t stay the same over time. As things change and new trends emerge, you also need to learn to adapt. As an organization, you always have to be researching what’s changing. What is new in video marketing? What are the trends people are riding on that you can leverage to grow your brand? These steps would put you in the right position to keep creating better videos for your audience.