From a single page like that of Google’s homepage to multiple web pages, web development has been one of the most dynamic sectors in the internet world. That doesn’t seem to change any time soon and as we battle the New Year, new web development trends are only going to surface.

Staying unconcerned as a nonprofit is not the solution. Following and making good use of the web development trends in 2021 and beyond is the best way to keep your nonprofit’s digital presence vibrant and appealing to donors, volunteers, and corporate partners. At IndieTech Solutions, we’ve always been keen on using the latest technologies and relying on the best and new principles to give your nonprofit website a modern look. Here’s what we see in the web development trends in 2021 and beyond.

Fundraising CRMs built into nonprofit websites

Fundraising is an activity that nonprofits must undertake all the time to ensure that they have the needed resources to execute their projects. Going forward, and in order to build a system where fundraising is never halted, nonprofits will devise means to build their fundraising processes into their websites.

This could start with building websites that come with fundraising CRMs, allowing nonprofits to create, execute, and manage fundraising efforts. Additionally, it could include providing various fundraising options on their websites, giving visitors the chance to contribute towards projects, and providing donors, volunteers, and partners a single place to contribute their quota without leaving the nonprofit’s website. While these might already exist, there’s going to be more nuanced and complications in building future ones – and making them better.

This and many other fundraising processes and types are going to be built into nonprofit web portals going forward – in 2021 and beyond. Where you learn about the organization, where you donate, where you volunteer, and where you contribute to the nonprofit as partners would eventually be just a single platform.

Bold & Unique Designs

Bold and unique design has been around for years. But it’s going to get a new lift this year and beyond, especially for social change organizations. Whether you’re building a new website for your nonprofit or revamping an old website, bold, unique design is a trend you should consider leveraging. Bold typography, vibrant colors, unique branding graphic resources, and unique color combinations, while they have been around for a while, are still gaining momentum and would be a trend for good for nonprofit websites.

Bold and unique designs help you create call to actions that stand out and make a statement effortlessly. With bold design, you’re able to declutter your website, make navigation seamless, and reduce distractions for users who’re using your nonprofit website – and this trend is still going to be big in 2021 and beyond.

At IndieTech Solutions, we’ve employed this style of web design in our projects for nonprofits, from using bold type and unique designs to great and unique color combinations.

Personalized Website Developments – through AI

Just like how websites can automatically detect a visitor’s location and load the primary language of that location, nonprofits website are adapting to detect visitors’ purpose in order to load relevant content. In 2021 and beyond, nonprofit web developers will be devising means to build websites that different between a donor, volunteer, and partner, and then serve them the necessary content.

But this will be more than just building websites that inculcate location and other user data into being able to personalize web pages. It will involve the use of Artificial Intelligence to learn more about visitors and to be able to serve them with the right content.

Final morsels

Web development is constantly changing. From new design principles to new color combinations, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to building websites. If you want your nonprofit website to be updated and abreast with the times, these trends will be of great use.