If you are a nonprofit with limited resources to promote your cause, it is important to have a website that will help you reach more people without spending much. A website can be the backbone of any nonprofit. However, it is not enough just to have a site up and running- it needs to be functional and appealing for visitors. The design of the site should reflect the mission of the nonprofit and should be easy for visitors to navigate.

While every nonprofit would love to build and operate the best online experience, they are also faced with many issues, paramount among them being inadequate financial resources. In this article, we take you through the various strategies to get funding for your nonprofit website, either from your internal financial division, from a donor, or from a corporate partner.

Great strategies to fund your nonprofit website development or redesign project

First, think of your nonprofit website as an investment

Every nonprofit organization needs a website. It is the first place potential donors and volunteers will go to learn more about your organization. It starts by taking into consideration the importance of having a professional looking website that conveys the values and mission of your nonprofit. The nonprofit website is an investment that can directly affect the organization’s bottom line. It is not just a place to put information about your nonprofit; it should also be a tool for fundraising and advocacy. You have to also know that this investment will be a direct result of how well you use it to engage donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Put together an outline of why your new nonprofit website needs the financial commitment

A new website is worth the money because it can be a lot more effective when it comes to achieving your organization’s goals. It’s easier to build and maintain, and it has the potential to generate more leads for your organization. A new site will do two things for your nonprofit: increase visibility and generate more leads. The first thing is simple – a new site will give you a fresh look that will make people take notice of you. This can lead to an increase in traffic and an uptick in conversions. The second thing is also straightforward – if you have better copy on your site, or if you have a better conversion funnel, then you’ll get more leads as well!

Reach out to donors individually

A common approach to fundraising is to try to appeal to a broad audience. This may work for some organizations, but it can be a risky strategy. The best approach when it comes to fundraising is to take an individualized approach. This means that you need to identify what motivates each individual donor and create content that resonates with them specifically. This will show that you care about their needs and that you are knowledgeable about their interests. You should also be aware of the personality type of the person you are approaching, as this will determine how they perceive your message. When done right, individually approaching donors can help you fund your nonprofit website development or redesign project easily.

Use crowdfunding

The crowdfunding industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, and there are now over 2 million active campaigns on Kickstarter alone. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for your nonprofit website development or redesign project. It allows you to tap into the power of the masses and get the word out about your cause.  The first step is to set up a campaign page. Then you need to come up with a compelling story that will make people want to give money, and then share it on your social media channels. This is where you share the outline of why your nonprofit needs a website or a website redesign. You should also share the importance of this venture and how it will impact your causes. Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money and awareness for your project by going directly to your community.

Leverage sponsorships from local businesses

Getting sponsorship from a local business is not only important for your nonprofit website development or redesign project, but also for the business providing the sponsorship. Your nonprofit can write about the sponsorship after the website is built and this will provide an opportunity for the business to get in front of new customers and potential customers.