Barely two months into Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits, this is the time to start planning. That’s if you haven’t started).

Of course, Giving Tuesday is an avenue for people and organizations to show their love for society. In these times, they donate a lot towards nonprofit causes.

However, just sitting around and hoping you get donations or help does not work out. Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits should be the time your organization is prepared to receive donations and help keep them coming.

Let’s cover some of the most important things you’ll need to make Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits a success for your organization.

  1. Understanding Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits
  2. Planning for Giving Tuesday 2021
  3. Creating the right communication
  4. Work to do after Giving Tuesday 2021

Understanding Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits

Together we give

You may have come across it in the social media circles as #GivingTuesday for the sake of viral culture. Giving Tuesday represents a day of generosity or a global day of giving. It is a moment where organizations and individuals express their love and support for their communities and for the organizations impacting global change.

Giving Tuesday is observed on the Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving in the United States, every year. This year, Giving Tuesday will fall on November 30th, 2021. The Giving Tuesday Inc. administers the program. According to their data, 34.8 million Americans participated in Giving Tuesday 2020. A total of $2.47 billion was raised by U.S. nonprofits, which represents a massive 29% increment in donations compared to 2019.

Think of Giving Tuesday as a Black Friday or Cyber Monday event, but for nonprofits.

Planning for Giving Tuesday 2021 as a nonprofit organization

As noted earlier, yes, Giving Tuesday will happen. But just because it would come to pass doesn’t mean you’re bound to reap from it without making the necessary efforts.

So before Giving Tuesday, make sure to prepare as early as possible. While it depends on how much time you have at hand and how important you see this event to your fundraising efforts, it’s good to plan early.

Some organizations start as early as three months to the event. Others go two months in. And some go a month to the event. But it all depends on your organization. For nonprofits that have had many Giving Tuesday activities in the past, they could start planning even two weeks to the event by using their already existing blueprint.

Planning for Giving Tuesday 2021 would very much depend on your organization’s needs, but would generally be along the lines of:

  • The general theme of this year’s Giving Tuesday
  • Outlining your branding and visuals for the event
  • Identifying why you are participating in this year’s Giving Tuesday

Creating the right Giving Tuesday Communication

Communication is key to a successful Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits. What you communicate and how you go about would determine whether your campaigns succeed or not. Among the most important things to consider here include:

  1. Creating a campaign page for Giving Tuesday.
  2. Coming out with your outreach strategies: email, social media, and physical advertisement channels like billboards (for organizations with the budget).
  3. Make use of the right hashtags, including #GivingTuesday, #GivingTuesday2021, and more.
  4. Have clear-cut goals for your communication: it should be in line with your overall goals for the event.

For your email communication, check out Classy’s list of great fundraising email subject lines for better conversion: 26 Sample Email Subject Lines For Your Fundraising Campaign.

Work to do during and after Giving Tuesday 2021 for nonprofits

Once you’re able to plan and participate in Giving Tuesday 2021, you need to make sure you get a lot from the event. You have to go beyond just the fundraiser. This is the time to craft the right communication to keep the people and institutions that donated as regular supporters.

You could do this by gathering the information you need from them. Sending out thank you letters and asking them to keep helping your cause.

Your nonprofit’s strategy throughout should be to make sure that you get recurring donors and corporate partners. Apart from thank you letters, you also need regular emails to these supporters. Tell them about the funding you got and the impact it has had on your organization (by showing proof).

Prepare for Giving Tuesday Now

Planning for Giving Tuesday 2021 for your nonprofit is the best way to make good use of the event. However, don’t lose your grip even if you succeed in organizing a successful Giving Tuesday. Use the event as an avenue to get regular supporters, volunteers, and corporate partners.

Please check Classy’s Giving Tuesday checklist to help you with your plan towards a successful Giving Tuesday this year. Giving Tuesday 2021: Your Top Questions, Answered