custom-built nonprofit website

There’s usually that debate in the web development world of what is better: using custom-built websites or going for a drag and drop online builder. As an organization, this will also keep you thinking. To go for a custom-built nonprofit website or use an online tool.

This debate will never end.

Reason is, many web developers believe that a good website should be custom-built. However, drag and drop and no-code website builders have come a long way, providing quality web development at par with custom-built websites.

In this post, we’re not here to talk about which is better. We are here to talk about building a custom website using code or programming language and how that helps your nonprofit.

Importance of a Custom-built Nonprofit Website

So here’s what you can get when your web development team builds your nonprofit website with code.

Unique identity from the start

Having a custom-built nonprofit website gives you a unique identity from the start. There are no templates to edit and the code is written from the ground up. So the team creates designs and builds the website with your branding from the get-go.

Search engines love them

During custom web development, your team takes every step of the website into an SEO phase. This ensures that every page they build, every feature they add, and any content that is included is SEO friendly.

Cheaper in the long term

Building custom websites may look expensive in the eye. That’s because apart from hiring a team to build the website and another to do the design, there’s also added cost of the domain, hosting, and launching.

In a no-code world, you could get all these in a single platform: just create an account, and your domain and hosting plus entire website templates are ready for you to tweak and use. This may create problems in the future when you want to upgrade, plus added cost.

However, with a custom-built nonprofit website, the code is readily available. You can let your developer teams make changes and edit the code to reflect your current needs. They can add and remove features and create new interfaces and dashboards without touching the entire website.

This makes a custom-built nonprofit website cheaper to maintain and an overall cheaper option in the long term.

Better communication with visitors

While no-code platforms have already built templates for use, custom-built websites developers research your user base and understand who your potential visitors are before building. This means that the end product (your nonprofit website), is going to have the visitor at heart. It’s able to communicate their needs, provide solutions to their pain points, and help them navigate your site seamlessly.

You Can Do Both: Custom-built Nonprofit Website + Online Building Tools

In today’s world, website builders are just as good as building with a custom code. Which is why it’s great if your nonprofit website development team can combine the power of these tools and that of custom code development to build websites.

This does not just give the team endless possibilities in branding and integrations, it also ensures that your final website is deployed faster.

Indietech Solutions as your partner in a Custom-built Nonprofit Website + Tools

At IndieTech Solutions, we have expert web developers, from programmers to team members. We sit down with your nonprofit to understand your needs. This helps us come out with the best way to build your organization’s website.

Reach out and let’s discuss your next nonprofit website development or redesign.