The year is coming to an end. Giving Tuesday 2021 is around the corner. At the end of them all (the year or Giving Tuesday), your nonprofit needs to say “Thank You” to your supporters.

thanking nonprofit donors

But just saying the word “Thank You” doesn’t cut it. How do you thank fundraisers, volunteers, and corporate partners as a nonprofit?

In this guide, we take you through some of the most creative ways to appreciate your nonprofit supporters. And to keep them excited for future support.

Feature on a web page

For nonprofits that have web pages dedicated to donors, volunteers, and partners, this is a great “Thank You” idea. You should feature your supporters in your donation page. Apart from probably putting them on the page, you can also write a full article thanking them.

Email newsletter feature

One of the best ways to thank your supporters is to give them a shout-out in your email. Whether you’re sending a weekly or monthly newsletter, mentioning your supporters would make them proud. If they read your newspaper, it will encourage them to do more for you.

Feature on social media

Another great idea to thanking your supporters is to feature them on your social media pages. You can create images with their photos or organization’s logos and add “Thank You” caption messages. Don’t forget to tag their social media accounts when you do so they’re notified.

Handwritten thank you cards

There are people and organizations that you may not be able to thank on social media or even through your newsletter. And of course, you may have different reasons for this. For these types of organizations or people, one great idea is to mail them ‘thank you’ cards that you’ve handwritten. It gives supporters that aha moment that “oh, I real human being at this nonprofit actually took their time to do this for me.”

A video to thank supporters

At the end of your fundraising efforts, it would be great to do a full video dedicated to thanking your supporters. One good thing about videos is that you’re able to thank all your supporters through one video, just like thanking all of them through a single blog post.

Swag and souvenir

If you could, take time to design, print, and send out swag and souvenirs to your supporters. It could be your organization’s T-shirt. Or a T-shirt branded with the fundraising program. You could also print your logo on cups and mugs for your supporters. Swags and souvenirs tell supporters that you appreciate their support.

Free event tickets

Not that they can’t afford to buy tickets. But as a way of showing your appreciation, one great way is to give your supporters free tickets to your event (if you’re organizing one). If it isn’t too costly, you could even buy a relevant event ticket for them (that’s if you’re not organizing any).

Updates on milestones and impact

You take donations from your supporters for a purpose. One way of showing you remember and appreciate their support is to update them on the progress. It could be either about the funds raised so far. Or about what you’re using the funds for.


Donors support you and would never ask for a thank you message, souvenir, or swag. However, it’s human nature to feel appreciated when someone thanks you for doing something for them. This is the same for your nonprofit. So as the year ends, you could take your time to create exciting and thank you messages to your supporters for choosing you the entire year.