The global impacts of COVID-19 are unprecedented, with nonprofit organizations often serving as the first responders to individuals, families, and communities in need during times of turmoil.

We all benefit when we work together, and with this in mind, IndieTech Solutions has launched – an online tool for pandemic-affected individuals across the country to seek free resources provided by nonprofit organizations

A volunteer-based tool, provides a truncated directory of services available so people can access them easily; if your organization is directly helping communities or people affected by COVID-19, we want to make sure the information is shared in as many places as possible so more people can receive help.

Enrollment in is free, with organizations asked to provide details about what programs you have available so that we may add them to our service directory.

This is our initial version of the tool, with no designs on making any direct profit beyond helping people and communities in need, so we are open to any suggestions or improvements to make a better and more accessible tool for everyone.