Fundraising has evolved over the years. From the event-oriented fundraising times to the use of online tools solely for gathering funds, nonprofits now have different ways of funding their projects. One best way to get funding from different sources is peer to peer fundraising.

What is Peer to Peer fundraising for nonprofits?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is crowdfunding, but with a multi-tier approach that involves individuals, volunteers, and fundraisers. Fundraising institutions or individuals create fundraising campaigns on behalf of your nonprofit – and reach out to their network to get funding. They do this through social media, email, and community forums and become your nonprofit’s advocates and fundraisers in your fundraising campaigns. With this, nonprofits are able to tap into the network of their fundraisers’ network to get a larger reach.

The process is simple: create your main fundraising page using a P2P fundraising platform. Recruit your supporters. These supporters then create their own fundraising pages individually or as teams, reach out to their networks, and the funding starts coming in.

Peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits

Today, there are many websites and applications where nonprofits can use to tap into the peer-to-peer fundraising community. However, not all platforms are the same. The P2P funding platform you use can make or break your fundraising and we are here to help you make the right decision.


QGIV offers everything you need to run successful fundraising for your nonprofit. From the creation of donation pages, getting fundraisers, and motivating them to track fundraising data and offering support along the way, this platform offers a lot for your nonprofit’s fundraising needs.

According to their website, they have over 5,000 organizations using their platform to raise funds. QGIV is not just built for nonprofits, but also has great features and solutions for faith-based organizations, healthcare and educational institutions.

Features of QGIV

  • Integrated with email marketing and CRM software for easy import and export of data and for donation analysis.
  • Creation and scheduling of campaigns with added calendars to make fundraising fun
  • A variety of fundraising options, from event registrations and auctions to text fundraising
  • Availability of data in a single dashboard to monitor and provide reports   on fundraising for better decision making.


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Bonfire is basically a do-it-yourself platform where anyone can go to design, sell, or order t-shirts. But the organization also has a peer-to-peer fundraising platform that’s different and unique. Bonfire’s P2P platform allows your fundraisers to create premium t-shirts for sale. These fundraisers then choose their preferred nonprofit where the money should go to. Then all the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will go to your nonprofit (chosen by the t-shirt creators, who are in this case, the fundraisers).

  • The peer to peer platform allows you to create and manage profiles of your supporters, giving your nonprofit a single dashboard for managing funds, supporters, and more.
  • Features of Bonfire P2P platform
  • Your nonprofit get notified through email when someone creates a t-shirt with your campaign
  • A great platform for nonprofits to create campaigns with ease
  • Easy to use dashboards that keep you updated on your fundraising campaigns
  • Great donation pages, easy to accept donations, and great customer support.


Fundly is one of the most widely used peer to peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits out there. Apart from taking charge of your fundraising, Fundly is also built to allow fundraisers and supporters build their own campaign pages. This allows supporters to share videos and photos, post updates, and interact with donors for a better support system.

According to Fundly’s website, over 330 million USD has been raised using its fundraising tools. it is built with a lot of organizations in mind and can be used by nonprofits, charities, medical and health organizations, clubs and communities, disaster relief services, creative projects, military institutions, religions and political organizations, schools and sporting activities, trips and adventures, and more.

Features of Fundly

  • Highly customizable – donation pages, adding image and video resources, and more
  • Mobile-friendly – donation pages and an iOS mobile application to help nonprofits raise money on the go
  • Highly secure – for receiving donations
  • Provide support and email notifications to keep nonprofits updated


Commenced in 2013, Donately has grown to become one of the best peer to peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits. The platform boasts of 1000 plus users and about 14% conversion rate, highly above the industry standards.

Donately offers a simple and easy to use platform that allows fundraisers to create and share campaigns on behalf of your nonprofit. It’s built with simplicity in mind so whether you’re new to fundraising or been doing it for years, you’ll find Donately to be easy.

Features of Donately peer to peer fundraising for nonprofits

  • Built with many organizations in mind – nonprofits, churches, and agencies
  • Great donation forms to make the creation of donation campaigns and their receipt simple
  • Text messaging for disseminating information to donors and fundraising supporters
  • Seamless integration with WordPress, SalesForce, SquareSpace, MailChimp, Intercom, Google Analytics, and more
  • An excellent, easy to navigate dashboard for controlling your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns, supporters, and volunteers.



Started as BidPal in 2007 with revolutionary mobile bidding, OneCause says it has helped nonprofits raised up to $2 Billion for causes and more. For nonprofits looking for an all-in-one solution for creating campaigns and raising funds, OnceCause is a great tool to look for.

Features of OneCause

  • One dashboard for monitoring fundraising campaigns, volunteers, donors, and supporters
  • Custom branding, navigation and content pages to align your fundraising campaigns go with your nonprofit’s branding
  • Embedded donation forms and campaign thermometers Leader boards for fundraising, recruitment and social sharing